About us / Group Rules


Aussie Elite Gaming or A3G for short is an 18+ casual PC gaming community that mainly plays Battlefield related games.

We were established with the goal of creating a community where gamers have a laid-back atmosphere to chat to others while gaming,

We welcome all who have a relaxed attitude, good humor, and who are here to have fun.


We are currently recruiting new players at this time.

If you’re looking for a group that is designed for great Banter, tons of humor, and who just play for fun,

then please go to our forum section and apply to our group!



  • Anyone wishing to join the [A3G] group, you need to register on our forums.

  • Anyone joining the group must also use TeamSpeak 3 and have a working mic to join in on conversations.

  • Members to the [A3G] group are free to join other groups/clans however, when you are playing a game we play you must support the group by wearing the [A3G] group tag.

  • While we all do love good banter, please try and be respectful to all players within reason on any server and in voice chat while you are a part of the [A3G] group. Bad news travels fast and we do not appreciate bad gossip about the group.

  • While we are a group for 18+ there can sometimes be youngsters present in voice chat please be mindful and try to tone down the adult nature of discussions or move them to another channel.

  • Anyone caught cheating or hacking in-game will be removed immediately from the group and servers

  • Enjoy Gaming, Eat tons of bacon and teabag with every kill.

With all that's been said if you’re new to the game, or just want a hassle-free environment to play at, then check us out.

To join simply go to our forums section and send in an application!

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