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Every little bit helps in our never-ending fight to keep a great BF4 server community.
If you do decide to donate we encourage you to join us on TeamSpeak 3 IP:

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Your Welcome To donate whatever amount you would like to
As a bonus, every $10 AUD Donated gets 30 days Reserved Slot status for our servers.
Reserved Slot status includes the following

  • Reserved Slot to skip queues and not be kicked by other Reserved Slot holders.
  • Auto-Balancer Whitelist to stop from being moved by auto-balancer. (does not stop the end of round scrambler)
  • High-Ping Whitelist to not be auto kicked for high ping limits.
  • Squad Lead Command !lead to take control of the current squad you are in

Do note this process isn't automated, you will need to give us your IGN

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